Quality Management System and its processes

Below are the processes that Fundición San Cayetano S.A. has organized through its Quality Management System and their respective sequence.

Strategic Processes:

They are used to manage FSC’s relationship with the environment.

They manage the way in which decisions are made about planning and the global improvements of the Organization. They analyze the information generated by the remaining processes to make decisions to improve them, ensuring the provision of resources.

Operational Processes:

They are followed to manage the activities leading to service our customers (external to the Organization), starting from the initial contact all the way to the delivery of the product.
They are also the processes in which FSC members come into contact with the costumer and those that generate value for them.

Support Processes:

They provide resources/support to key processes. These include the processes intended for the Organization to carry out its Key Processes more effectively and efficiently.

Strategic Processes

  • Goals achievement
  • Internal audits
  • Improvement analysis
  • Control of products and/or processes NC
  • Non conforming and corrective action
  • Organization global context analysis
  • Quality assurance
  • Feedback from interested parts
  • Processes performance
  • Customer satisfaction

Support processes

  • Supplier’s evaluations and purchasing
  • Financial resources planning
  • Product control and follow up
  • Reception and storage of materials
  • Measuring device control
  • Selection, training and evaluation of human resources
  • Maintenance